Vacuum Dispenser--- solution of air free encapsulation.                    Micro-shot Dispenser--- minium 0.06g per shot.                Plural Component Dispenser--- up to 5 components metering & mixing.

Controlling Fluid Since 1995

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Wason Technology was established in 1995 as a professional dispenser designer and manufacturer. Product range includes single fluid dispenser, two component metering, mixing and dispensing machine. In order to meet requirements from different fields and production levels, Wason also provides a series of customized dispensing system such as self rotary platform, XYZ 3-axis robot. Furthermore, Wason introduces air free vacuum dispensing & encapsulation technology for its vacuum mixer, 3-axis vacuum dispensing system and multi-valve vacuum dispensing system. Applicable material cover Epoxy, PU foam, PU elastomer, Silicone, Acrylic…etc. For more information, please send your inquiry.



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